Use sterilized milk and say no to milk intolerance problems

Published: 11th February 2010
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A number of children develop milk allergies and milk intolerance; but there is nothing to be worried about. Even for children who have a long term problem with cow's milk, there are many safe alternatives that you can try, such as sterilised milk that provides them with all the nutrients they need and helps them grow up healthy and strong.

Milk is sterilized in bottles and jars by boiling those in water for twenty minutes. Sterilised milk is beneficial for all ordinary household purposes and as a safe food for the sick. It should be kept in the temperature of an ordinary room, even in warm weather, from twenty to thirty hours. By using the small-mouthed flasks very little scum is formed, and thus the valuable aluminous portion is preserved in the milk.

Milk may also be preserved by open sterilization in a saucepan or kettle by the following simple process: Heat the milk until a scum forms over it; keep it at, or near, the temperature it then has for one hour, then pour it into a thoroughly washed and scalded pitcher, cool it, and put it into a refrigerator or some cool place. It will remain sweet for twenty-four hours, and, unless the weather be very warm, it will be good at the end of thirty-six hours.

Sterilized milk diluted with water is a nutritious and wholesome drink for the sick. Of course the water with which it is diluted should be boiled. Patients suffering from sleeplessness will often fall into quite sleep after drinking hot Sterilised milk, and hypodermic of morphine is not needed when hot milk is used. This milk is bacteria free and can be easily used for making several other dairy products.

Delamere Dairy supplies wide range of sterilised milk products to save your baby from milk intolerance problems. We also provide goats' milk, goats' milk cheese, and goats' butter among other products.

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